Creating Short Videos for Long Term Success

Lights. Camera. Action. Social media users collectively watch millions of hours of videos each day, with short films becoming one of the most engaging forms of online content. Creating videos has become an integral part of digital marketing, but it no longer requires the great expense or technicality of a Hollywood film studio. Here are 5 quick video ideas that can be used to capture attention for your business on social media:

  1. How-to videos

Creating a short how-to video featuring your product’s application is the easiest way to showcase how great it is. By creating video snapshots that include a voice overlay, you can provide users with step-by-step instructions on how to use your product, or hidden secrets your customers might not know about! Showcasing your product or service through video is an easy and free way to advertise, and a great tool to encourage extra traffic to your website!

  1. Events and Celebrations

When a popular business event or celebration is coming up in the calendar, it’s the perfect time to bring along your video device to record what’s going on. By recording your company’s presence at business expos and uploading them online, other attendees will be able to find your business by searching the event on social media. Creating video content that relates to public celebrations, such as Christmas and Easter, allows you to have some fun with your marketing strategy.

  1. Behind-the-scenes

An innovative idea to engage customers is to show them how your product or service is produced. Whether you record how your product is made along the factory conveyor belt, or shoot an office tour, behind-the-scenes videos are easy to make, and make your brand come across as more relatable to users. Check out our version below:

  1. Virtual testimonials

Whilst written testimonials are still important to support PR, video testimonials can add a modern twist. Recording an interview with your clients can provide visitors to your website with more engaging recommendations, as well as delivering an insight as to why your product or service is the best. It is more likely that a social media user will watch a thirty-second video than read a block of text that provides the same content.

  1. Hot topics

If any exciting changes are happening in your business, let your social media followers know! The increased popularity of live streaming has allowed video media creation to become even easier. By live streaming your news, you create a real-time video conversation with your customer base, without needing to spend time on editing. Live streaming is great for releasing announcements or hosting giveaways!

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