How it works

Flexible. Affordable. Invaluable.

Marketing shouldn’t be a complicated time-destroyer. That’s why we like to keep it as simple and streamlined as possible.

You already know what you’re doing in your business, you just need help actually doing it. An extra pair of (virtual) hands to implement the marketing activity that will help your business thrive and grow - and ease your ever-so-persistent pile of responsibilities.

We’re not sayers. We’re doers. And this is how YVMM does.



Step 1

You tell us what you need help with, where you’re struggling, or what you’d like us to take off your hands.

Example: Help! We need to generate 50 more leads every month but we don’t have time to do it and we’re not sure what the best channels to focus on are.



Step 2

We do some digging, both independently and with you, to get cut-diamond clear on your ambitions, objectives, and audience.



Step 3

We create an action plan that’s styled to your business and attach an exceptionally affordable price-tag (small budgets aren’t a barrier around here). It could be a small one-off campaign, a large long-term retainer, or anything in between. We’re not fussy.



Step 4

We do the work. We graft. We get our hands (and elbows) suitably dirty.

Example: A cold email campaign to market a new service. We define the objectives, research the audience, write the emails, schedule the sending, monitor the opens and clicks, track the conversions, and review the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign results.



Step 5

You see a direct impact of our marketing efforts against your objectives. Everyone celebrates.

Here are some examples of other activities we can do:

We’re marketing managers, rather than consultants, so we won’t tell you what needs to be done and then leave you with the burden. We’ll actually do it for you. (Unless you’d rather do it yourself, in which case we can be the advisor on your shoulder.)


Ready to go? So are we.

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