A Guide to Brilliant Blogging

Writing a blog for your website is a free and easy way to promote your business. Whether you use it to promote a new product, or update your customers on any exciting news, a blog is a great device to draw traffic to your website – but how’s best to get started? Our five tips will leave you feeling so confident that you’ll be able to create brilliant blog posts in no time!

  1. Always have a notebook handy.

Many businesses find that they struggle with their blog due to lacking both time and ideas. However, our top tip is to always have access to a notepad (whether it be electronic, or paper based) as the best blog ideas can come at the most random times. Whether it be late at night, or in random sparks throughout the day, every idea is worth writing or typing down. By embracing these thoughts about your blog, you’ll find yourself with a rolodex of ideas that you can use to create brilliant posts.

  1. Make it valuable.

By creating cut-through content, your blog could become one of the main reasons that customers return to your website. The more customers return to your website, the more they will connect with your brand and become product champions. Don’t tell your readers what you want them to hear but tell them what they want to hear. Blog posts should benefit your readers, so a great idea is to make your blog centre around frequently asked questions. For example, if your business specialises in cakes, why not create blog posts outlining decoration ideas or which cakes are best for specific occasions?

  1. Represent your Brand.

Blogs are meant to reflect the personality of your business, so it’s important that your posts represent your brand’s ideas. By creating a personality for your blog, whether it be chatty or serious, you will help to solidify your brand image, and maximise the engagement with your customers. It’s also important to keep your word count to around 400 words, this will help maintain reader engagement in the age of short attention spans!

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  1. Keep ‘em coming.

It’s not about how often you post, it’s about posting as much as you can keep up with. Consistency is key to creating a successful blog, so if you decide to blog once a week, make sure you maintain this routine. By starting off your blog too keen, you might burn yourself out and abandon your blog half way through, but post too rarely and you’ll find it hard to hold interest. It’s all about finding a schedule that keeps a happy medium 😊.

  1. Sharing is caring.

Writing and posting the blog post is just the start!  To ensure that your post reaches maximum exposure, it’s important to update all your business’ social media channels to achieve a widespread audience. By sharing your blog post, you are making it easier to compose social media posts too, solving two tasks with one solution. With all the digital content you can create with one blog post, you’re sure to maximise your digital presence.

If you’re still finding it hard to create blog ideas for your business or struggling for ideas on what makes quality content, organise a free one-hour Content Clinic session with us by e-mailing: hello@yourvirtualmarketingmanager.com.

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