Creating Captivating Content

In a world where we turn to Google as a starting point for virtually anything, it goes without saying that online content should be optimised to appear high on search engines. Alongside content for SEO purposes, it’s important to publish content that’s meaningful, easy and supportive of your communication objectives, this shouldn’t be the only reason behind creating quality digital content. Here are our top tips on creating powerful online content:

  • Start how you mean to go on

The title is the most important aspect of your content and is what will encourage people to view your content. Keep a title short and snappy by giving your reader a small teaser, but don’t give too much away.

  • Media is a must-have

Online consumers love visuals and are much more likely to be drawn to your content should you include photos or videos. You don’t need to become a professional photographer to include images in your content, there are many copyright-free photography websites where you can find relevant photos to use for your work.

Furthermore, 83% of businesses claim that producing video content for their website has driven traffic to their website. Video is a creative way to communicate what your company has to say and has quickly become the most engaging that online users are best connecting with. Check out the video we made on how to create quality content:

  • Short and Sweet

Most online content is now viewed on smart phones and tablets, so make sure you keep this in mind. Shorter paragraphs mean that smart device users will not be overwhelmed by content and are more likely to remain engaged. Along with smart devices has come the age of the scan reader so with written content, it’s best to get your information out in a direct and interesting style.

Extra tip: By splitting your content into small sections, much of it can be extracted and used for social media, solving two tasks with one solution!

  • Keep it Relevant

Make sure your content is up-to-date, whether you’re presenting your latest business news or covering an event. Events that are fresh in people’s minds will be searched for more with your content appearing. Additionally, tailoring your content towards international days is more likely to trend on social media, and increase traffic to your post.

If you’re still finding it hard to think of ideas for your business or struggling on what makes quality content, organise a free one-hour Content Clinic session with us by e-mailing:

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